over $100,000,000.00 Awarded to accident victims


Toledo Personal Injury Attorney

With over 75 years of combined experience and millions of dollars awarded to accident victims, it is no wonder why Rubin & Zyndorf  has been a trusted Toledo Personal Injury Law Firm. As a result, many injury victims turn to Daryl Rubin and Sol Zyndorf for their injury claim. See what a Toledo Personal Injury Attorney can do for you and your accident claim.

Your life can be turned upside down in an instant when you’ve been hurt, but through no fault of your own. We understand the strong emotions and urgency associated with this situation, because we have handled cases for 5 decades. We are here to help you and your family.

Whether you’ve been involved in a car, truck or motorcycle accident and need to get advice from a Toledo Personal Injury Attorney or want to hire a Toledo Car Accident Lawyer call us today.

Auto Accidents can cause issues beyond just normal injuries. Catastrophic injures like wrongful death can occur from motor vehicle accidents. Our Toledo Personal Injury Lawyers also help with dog bite or attack injury claims, as well as  traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or back injuries stemming from Car Wrecks, Truck Accidents, and Motorcycle Crashes. Call today for a free Toledo Personal Injury Consultation.

Toledo Personal Injury Attorney
Toledo Personal Injury Lawyer
Personal Injury Attorney Toledo, OH
Personal Injury Lawyer Toledo, OH
Personal Injury Attorneys in Toledo
Personal Injury Lawyers in Toledo

Toledo Personal injury attorney & car accident lawyer

From car crashes to motorcycle accident claims, a Toledo Personal Injury Attorney has you covered. Do NOT take on an insurance company alone. Utilize the services of a trusted Toledo vehicle accident law firm today and get your injury claim settled for the maximum amount of compensation.

Slip & Fall Personal Injury Law Firm in Toledo, OH

Personal injuries, such as slip and fall and dog bites, can take a toll on your wallet. After an injury you may not be able to work. Insurance companies LOSE money when they settle a claim, which is why they fight to not pay when they don’t believe you are hurt. We FIGHT for you.

Over 100,000,000 awarded to injury victims

Over 100,000,000 awarded to injury victims

How do I file an auto accident claim after an injury?

My injury claim was denied, now what can I do?

Can I sue the truck driver and the trucking company?

How much money is my injury claim worth?

Is a dog owner liable after I get bitten by their dog?

How can I get my car repaired after someone else hit my car?

Toledo Personal Injury Attorney Areas of Practice

With the help of a Toledo Personal Injury Attorney you may be able to get better results for your injury claim. You may think the only option available is to just accept the amount of compensation that is offered by the insurance agency, but after an auto accident injury you have the right to fight for more. However, you need to protect your financial rights after an injury, and an attorney can help do that.

Many of our clients have been able to get settlement amounts that were significantly higher than initial offers. That is because for over 35 years we have handled thousands of cases. We know how to negotiate with large insurance companies for our clients. If you are looking for a Toledo Personal Injury Law Firm call us today. We have won over 100 millions dollars for our clients. Call for a free Toledo car accident consultation today.

Toledo Car Accident Attorney



  • Millions recovered. 
  • Get your rental car paid for.
  • Cover your medical expenses.
  • Multi Car pile ups.
  • Body and Property Damage.
Toledo Motorcycle Accident Attorney



  • Split lanes accidents.
  • Bike passenger claims.
  • Denied motorcycle injury claims.
  • Hit by a Drunk Driver on a bike.
  • Wrongful Death due to a bike crash.
Toledo Dog Bite Attorney



  • Bite by a friend’s dog.
  • Child bit in the face by a dog.
  • Face and hand injuries.
  • Attacked by an animal. 
  • Dog bites on public property. 
Toledo Pedestrian Accident Attorney



  • Hit by a Drunk Driver.
  • Injured while jogging. 
  • Hit and Run accidents. 
  • Crosswalk injuries. 
  • Wrongful Death from a Pedestrian Accident. 
Toledo Slip and Fall Attorney



  • Property Management Negligence.
  • Hurt on a construction site. 
  • Slipped on wet floor at store.
  • Back and spine slip & fall injures. 
  • Hurt while performing work.
Toledo Bicycle Accident Attorney



  • Hit while ridding a bicycle. 
  • Vehicle in bike lane illegally. 
  • Hit by a Drunk Driver while riding. 
  • Someone ran a red light and hit me.
  • Hit by a truck while bike riding. 
Locate a Toledo Personal Injury Attorney

Finding a Toledo Personal Injury Attorney that is knowledgeable and experienced is actual very simple. There are lots of qualified Toledo Personal Injury Attorney Firms with lots of experience. Rubin & Zyndorf has been a staple within the Toledo community for over 35 years. They have won over $100,000,000.00 for their car accident victims and personal injury clients. Rubin & Zyndorf can represent you at your most vulnerable time. We are dedicated to working diligently for our clients and we make sure that every case has the best possible outcome. Our premier  injury law firm serves Toledo as well as all of Lucas County, OH.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Toledo, OH

When you decide to look for Personal Injury Attorneys in Toledo, OH, you may feel overwhelmed. That is okay, after an injury most people have a high level of anxiety. Thoughts about medical bills, mortgage and rent payments, even expenses for your children can cause all sorts of panic and distress when you are hurt and cannot work. Rubin & Zyndorf have been helping injury victims in Toledo and Lucas County for nearly four decades.

As a way to assist injury victims, both Daryl Rubin and Sol Zyndorf provide a free personal injury consultation. They will even travel to you if you are too hurt to come to the office. During the consultation they will go over and analyze your case. They may even be able to perform an estimated case evaluation which can give you an estimated idea of what your injury claim may be worth.

When choosing an attorney, make sure that they have a proven track record with cases similar to yours. Also, ensure that they are experienced and qualified with years of experience fighting cases with success. A personal injury lawyer in Toledo also needs experience litigating cases  in court. If a settlement with the insurance company doesn’t happen, they will have to present you case in court to defend your financial position.

Lastly, finding a personal injury lawyer in Toledo that communicates well is important as they will need to accurately convey what is going on with your case regularly. Call Rubin & Zyndorf today for a FREE consultation.

Highly Decorated Toledo Personal Injury Law Firm

Over the last 35 years of serving Toledo and the entire state of Ohio, the Law Firm of Rubin & Zyndorf has been recognized countless times. Whether you are suffering from an auto accident, motorcycle crash, or a back injury from a truck accident, Rubin & Zyndorf have the knowledge and experience to get your claim settled as quickly as possible. For over 35 years they have been a premier Toledo Personal Injury Law Firm. Call today and put your mind at ease.

As Ohio State Alumni our Law Firm fives BACK to the people of Ohio. Take a look at some of our awards and projects below. Call us today and we will fight your claim and work to achieve the MAXIMUM in financial compensation. 




Awarded to Toledo Personal Injury victims and those injured in vehicle related accidents over the last four decades

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Ohio State Alumni Personal Injury Law Firm & Car Accident Advocates

Accident and injuries can cause more then physical harm. They can drain your bank account, disrupt your life, and place severe stress on your family. Let us fight your injury claim while you focus on your recovery. Call today for a free case overview and injury consultation.

  • Over 75 years of combined experience
  • Over 100 Million awarded to victims
  • No FEES unless we win your case

“Injury victims, and those who have suffered financial hardships do to an accident, need to know they have rights. Unfortunately, sometimes the insurance companies we hope to depend upon decide to not pay a claims. That’s where we step in. We fight for your financial rights after an injury. Insurance firms have high powered lawyers, now you can have your own attorney too.”

-Daryl Rubin, Decorated injury lawyer

They gave me great advice every step of the way. Very professional and always eager to help. Will hire them asap to deal with my case

Sam Bends

Injury Victim

Great Attorney firm, small, personal, effective. I’ve been working with this firm since 1997.

Jesse Cooper

Happy Client

“My claim was settled and paid fast. I had talked to another firm, they said I had no case, Rubin & Zydorf got my bills paid.”

Michelle Smith

Car Accident Client


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