Truck Accident Injuries

Truck Accident Injuries

A trucking or 18-wheeler related accident can cause massive injuries. Car accident cases typically involve some level of head trauma or broken bones. Unfortunately, in cases involving large trucks, too often fatalities occur.  In the event catastrophic truck accident injuries cases, a Toledo Personal Injury Lawyer may need to file a Wrongful Death Claim.

Rubin & Zyndorf know the uphill battle of fighting against a national trucking company. Not only can you sue the trucking company, but you might also be able to go after the driver as well. Litigating a truck accident injury claim isn’t easy. Since most trucking businesses are national corporations, they have deep pockets. This means they hire tough attorneys to protect them from law suits. Rubin & Zyndorf however are tenured, Top Rated Toledo Accident Attorneys. Call today for a free consultation.

Best Truck Accident Attorney in Toledo

While you are healing, the bills keep mounting. If you’re looking for the best Truck Accident Attorney in Toledo call Rubin & Zyndorf. What you don’t realize is that the healthcare system is broken. If you have a claim against the party that caused your injuries, your own health insurance company generally has a claim against that same party for reimbursement of the medical bills they have been called upon to pay. Not only that, your own auto insurance carrier has a similar claim. In Ohio, most people only carry limited coverage for accidental injuries. If the health insurance carrier and auto insurance carrier are allowed to stand in the same line with you to receive compensation from the other party’s pocket, your interests must be maximized to ensure that your own interests are preserved.

At Rubin-Zyndorf, we are shouting every day for people to stop and call us before making a fateful decision to settle. Once you settle, it is settled for all time. Call us if you have a claim to assert, or even if you are at the point where you are ready to settle. We work hard to secure the monies our clients deserve over the interest of competing insurance companies. The process of securing insurance benefits is complicated, but dare say it is not made so by attorneys, nor by doctors. Complication is a contrivance of the Insurance Lobby that puts greed on a higher level than humanity. Remember that the next time you are in need of an attorney.